"Soul of Donbass". The resident of Donetsk covered an Easter Bunny with drawings for Pysanka Festival (PHOTO) 04/02/2018 17:31:42. Total views 1550. Views today — 0.

Native of Donetsk Taisia Drugakova will present her work at the Festival of Pysanka, which will be held in Kyiv from April 5 to April 22. Taisiya Drugakova told OstroV about this.

Along with the Easter eggs in the traditional style, this year, the festival will feature painted bunnies in the author's style. According to Taisiya, she wanted to make the work unusual, and therefore, the artist decided to use stained glass paints. "The peculiarity of stained glass paints is that they are bright, what gives the work amazing beauty. On the whole, the work took about a month. I could spend the entire day drawing at the weekend without a break", - Taisiya says.

The Easter Bunny is made in the stained glass painting technique with the focus on the topic of Donbass. "This is all how if not everyone then many residents of Donetsk who have left live", - Taisiya Drugakova says.

The artist depicted native patterns of Donbass: Sviatohirsk, embankment of Donetsk, gob piles and symbols of FC Shakhtar.

"I would call this bunny "the soul of Donbass". Maybe it sounds loud, but all that is depicted here is very close and valuable to us.. The main element of the bunny-pysanka is our favorite Sviatohirsk Lavra.. This is the place where almost all Donbas people like to come to.. This is our favorite land.. our history.. Every resident of Donbass was there.. And we are all proud of this holy place.. This Lavra is like the embodiment of all our beloved land in these festive Easter days.. Ukrainian wreath.. This is our folk.. the oldest symbol of our country – the love of nature, respect for the native land…. The basket with Easter eggs is a symbol of the Easter holiday.. a new life is born from the egg.. The dove of peace in this colorful sky.. Of course, the topic of peace is relevant for all of us.. We hope that this Easter Bunny will bring us peace and that beautiful and bright life, about which we dream.. such as these bright butterflies", - the author of the work wrote on Facebook, having received about one and a half thousand likes. In the comments under this post, users immediately noted the uniqueness and beauty of the Easter Bunny.

You can see the unique Donetsk Bunny on Sofiivska Square in Kyiv from April 5 to April 22.


As previously reported, Taisiya Drugakova presented her work at the All-Ukrainian Pysanka Festival, which took place in Kyiv from April 23 to May 9, 2016. Ornamental Easter egg, covered with drawings by Taisiya Drugakova, won the most votes following the results of the third stage of voting, which took place on the Internet.