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Media: "The head of the DNR Alexander Zakharchenko instructed the authorities of the Starobeshevsky district to deal with high prices for food".

Media: "The situation on the Donbass front line has sharply escalated, the head of the DNR Alexander Zakharchenko said. "There is hope for Kyiv's adherence to the "Easter truce”. Hope always dies last. But what is happening on the front line, is unsettling. Yesterday there was the strongest escalation in the south", - he said".

Media: "The People's Police of the LNR confirmed their commitment to adherence to the ceasefire. "According to the agreement reached by the Contact Group (Minsk) on the eve of the Easter holidays, the "Easter truce" is put into effect from March 30, at 00.01 (Moscow time)", - the LNR representatives reminded".

"The Emergency Ministry of the DNR": "A column of 20 vehicles of humanitarian convoy from the Emergency Ministry of the Russian Federation delivered 36279 food kits for children under three years, as well as targeted cargoes. The total weight of the cargo was 286 tons".

"The Emergency Ministry of the LNR": "Ten cars of Russian humanitarian convoy delivered 144.8 tons of humanitarian cargo to the republic, including 42.5 tons (5682 units) of food kits for children (aged 0-1 years), 102.3 tons (12742 units ) of food kits for children (aged 1-3 years)".

Media: "The Ministries of Industry and Trade of the DNR and the LNR signed a protocol on cooperation in Donetsk. The protocol will accelerate economic development and will allow increasing the trade turnover between the republics of Donbass".

Media: "The DNR Commission on Urban Development has determined to demolish more than 30 objects placed in violation of norms and requirements".

Media: "Participants of the round table in Luhansk discussed the prospects for the creation and activities of youth labor squads".

Media: "The doctors of the Lutuhinsky district of the LNR proposed to include clauses concerning the increase of salaries to the draft five-year program of socio-economic development of the republic".

“The MIA of the LNR": "The LNR police seized nearly 270 weapons and ammunition from the cache in Luhansk".

“The MIA of the DNR": "The Kirov district police department of Makiivka was requested to conduct preventive work with an 18-year-old student Vladislav Ginevich (vocational school No. 125) because he systematically skipped classes. While talking with the officers, it turned out that the young man regularly uses drugs. He was visibly nervous and was afraid that his relatives would find out about it. During the conversation, the young man suddenly turned pale and lost consciousness. Law enforcers provided him with the first pre-medical aid. The ambulance doctors carried out a number of resuscitation measures, but they could not save the young man. He died at 18:40 on March 28. According to the preliminary version, he died from cerebral edema".