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"Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecological Safety of the LNR": "Yellow snow falling on the territory of the republic and beyond its borders does not pose a threat to the environment and the population".

Media: "In Donetsk, members of the initiative group adopted the charter and determined the composition of the Ukrainian People's Tribunal (UPT) to investigate war crimes of the Poroshenko regime against the citizens of Ukraine. "We are holding a working organizational meeting of the Ukrainian People's Tribunal to investigate war crimes of Poroshenko and his entourage against the citizens of Ukraine. The Charter is developed taking into account international legislation", - said the chairman of the UPT, a lawyer from Donetsk, Elena Shishkina".

"Chairman of the Ukrainian People's Tribunal, lawyer from Donetsk" Elena Shishkina: "We are citizens of Ukraine, we want Ukraine to be reunited after the implementation of the Minsk agreements. We recognize the laws of Ukraine and believe that the current government in Kyiv violates these laws. And we will judge them according to the laws of Ukraine. When decent politicians come to power in Kyiv, the tribunal will hand over to the Supreme Court of Ukraine all the materials for making a real official verdict on the basis of our preliminary public verdict based on the current criminal code of Ukraine".

Media: "The activists of the primary branches of the Stakhanov branch of the social movement "Peace for the Luhansk region" offered their vision of the five-year program of social and economic development of the LNR".

"The central executive committee of the social movement "Donetsk republic": "The Executive Committee received about 10 proposals on the strategy for the development of the DNR from the miners of the state enterprise Torezantratsyt".

"The Council of Ministers of the LNR": "The LNR Council of Ministers approved a number of documents aimed at resuming the work of the commission to consider the issue of a lump sum compensation for harm to life and health of the LNR residents caused by the aggression of the armed forces and armed groups of Ukraine".

"The LNR State Customs Committee": "The experts of the committee developed two information booklets containing the basic requirements and norms for the movement of goods across the LNR border".

"The LNR state enterprise "Luhanskvoda": "From March 21, Luhanskvoda will reduce the supply of water to Alchevsk by 80% due to repairs".

"The MIA of the DNR": "In an apartment at the 34-year-old Donetsk resident, law enforcement officers discovered and seized 3 grenades with fuses, 158 rounds of different caliber and 2 magazines to the Kalashnikov assault rifle. The man will be held accountable".

Media: "Sportsmen from the DNR and Russia will compete in shooting laser weapons at a tournament in the Bryansk region".