Tuesday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights 03/14/2018 10:40:27. Total views 1115. Views today — 0.

"The MIA of the DNR": "In order to identify sabotage and reconnaissance groups, as well as to prevent the commission of crimes and offenses during the night, the Ministry of Internal Affairs conducted a preventive operation Night City during the weekend. For violation of the curfew, 377 people were detained".

"The Ministry of Communications of the LNR": "The Ministry of Communications of the Republic warns that recently there have been more cases of sending provocative and falsified materials to the emails of the authorities and the media. It is necessary to carefully check the address of the sender and confirm the correctness of the received information by calling to the relevant departments".

"People's militia of the LNR”: "The chaplain of the LNR People's Militia Hegumen Pimen visited one of the positions of the People's Militia, where he served a prayer service. "Once again we came to the forefront, prayed for the Orthodox world, and then went to the front, to support the guys with small gifts - gospels, military prayer-books, crosses”, - he said".

"Council of Ministers of the LNR": "The Council of Ministers authorized the state registration of vehicles without identification numbers or with destroyed, damaged, and forged identification numbers of the components".

"The MIA of the DNR": "In the Kirov district of Donetsk, police seized a RGD-5 grenade with a fuse from a 55-year-old local resident".

Media: "The international public organization "Fair Aid from Dr. Liza" sent eight seriously ill children from the LDNR to treatment in Russia".

"The LNR Customs": "Customs officers seized more than 70,000 cigarette packs and two cars from smugglers".

"The MIA of the LNR": "Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have identified the fact of forging official documents when repairing pumping equipment at a state mine by officials of one of the limited liability companies. As a result, budget funds ($9670) were illegally transferred to the enterprise’s accounts".

Media: "Russian humorist Denis Smirnov will present exclusive sketches at a concert in Donetsk".