"DNR" assures that they did not steal Vodafone’s equipment 02/27/2018 14:18:06. Total views 1116. Views today — 0.

The so-called "Minister of Communications of the DNR" Viktor Yatsenko assures that he did not order to turn off the MTS signal, and that no one robbed Vodafone base stations on territory beyond Ukraine's control. He told this the separatist media, commenting on accusations brought against him.

"For our part, we declare that no official of the Ministry of Communications of the DNR did not visit the objects used by the Ukrainian mobile operator Vodafone in the territory of the republic", - he said, commenting on the words of the former director of the MATRIX provider in Donetsk Roman Lesnichenko that the Vodafone base stations in the occupied territory were looted.

Earlier, ardent supporter of "republic" Roman Lesnichenko noted that "MTS is disconnected at the order of Yatsenko".

"After repair works in Shchastya, they provided signal not only to the LNR, but to the DNR as well. And MTS employees were in their workplace, but then armed people appeared and Yatsenko ordered to shut down the system, shut the doors and took the keys. This happened in communication hub in Makaronka, later the same thing was done at the second communication hub", - he wrote on his Facebook page.

He also added that the population of the occupied territory is looting equipment of the Ukrainian mobile operator. "In Makiivka, 10 BSs (base stations - OstroV) were looted in a short time. They cut the feeders", - Lesnichenko said.