Police opened occurrence because of the National Guard's parade in the manner of USSR 02/26/2018 17:18:11. Total views 798. Views today — 1.

Police opened an occurrence because of the parade of the National Guard with red flags in Kryvyi Rih of the Dnipropetrovsk oblast. This is reported by Radio Liberty with reference to Kryvyi Rih City Police.

According to the police, the occurrence is opened under part 1 of Article 436-1 of the Criminal Code (manufacturing, distribution, and public use of symbols of the communist and national-socialist totalitarian regimes).

The case is being investigated by the city police department.

As previously reported, on February 22, the National Guard military parade took place in Kryvyi Rih at events dedicated to the 74th anniversary of liberation of the city from German occupation. The red flags were used. According to the organizers, these were original colours - museum pieces that are not subject to the laws on decommunization".

The commander of the National Guard instituted an internal investigation on this fact.