"DNR" militants accuse AFU of shelling ambulance and killing three people 02/23/2018 17:55:29. Total views 1138. Views today — 2.

The "DNR" accused the Armed Forces of Ukraine of shelling an ambulance near the occupied Dokuchaivsk. In such a way, the so-called "deputy commander of the operational command" of the pseudo-republic Eduard Basurin interpreted information on the destruction of the enemy's infantry fighting vehicle by the AFU, - the separatist media writes.

The representative of the occupiers accused the Ukrainian military of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade of allegedly firing mortar shells of 120 mm caliber near the occupied Dokuchaivsk. As a result, he said, one militant was wounded. The "DNR" claims that for his evacuation, the "representatives of the DNR" in the JCCC (a non-existent representation - OstroV) requested a ceasefire regime. The Ukrainian side allegedly agreed to this.

"An ambulance with a wounded serviceman was cynically shelled by an anti-tank guided missile. A car, that had distinguishable signs with a red cross, was fired. Three people were killed: a medical orderly, a driver and a wounded soldier", - said Basurin.

The militant did not provide any proof of that.

As previously reported, the ATO HQ stated that the AFU fighters had destroyed the enemy's infantry fighting vehicle near the occupied Dokuchaivsk, which was conducting reconnaissance operations near the Ukrainian positions.