Fake "minister of energy and coal mining" was arrested in CDDO – propagandist Dolgov 02/23/2018 13:33:49. Total views 939. Views today — 0.

Fake "minister of energy and coal mining of the DNR" Eduard Golenko was arrested today in the occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast. This is reported by blogger-propagandist, offended by the regime of the "DNR", Konstantin Dolgov.

"No one will tell you this. Today at 4 a.m., people of Dikiy (head of the DNR MIA) arrested the minister of energy and coal mining of the DNR Eduard Golenko. The arrest was authorized by head of the DNR Zakharchenko and his "purse", deputy prime-minister for economics Timofieyev (also known as "Tashkent")", - Dolgov wrote.

According to him, Golenko allegedly proposed to create a "state-owned enterprise" to sale coal to consumers with no middlemen.

"This did not fit in the plans of Zakharchenko and Timofieyev, since the latter had specifically created an intermediary structure - the Coal of Donbass trading house - in order for the margin from the sale of coal to get into the pockets of the ruling tandem. Zakharchenko and Timofieyev want to put their man in the place of Golenko - Sosnovskiy. On top of that, a criminal case has been instituted against Sosnovskiy in the Russian Federation", - the propagandist noted.

Igor Sosnovskiy is a former adviser to ex-prime minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov. According to Russian media reports, Sosnovskiy has a coal business in the east of Ukraine. In this connection, he was in contact with head of Oplot Yevgeniy Zhilin, now killed.