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Implement smart novelties with the assistance of a professional team and truthful partner, passionate about technology and software development.

The future is here. It's already encapsulated in every sphere of our lives, and business is no exception. Innovative solutions serve as accelerators for companies' growth , and it’s up to these firms whether to be driven by change and progress, or fall behind. Jasoren chooses the former, empowering their clients to take advantage of the latest digital tools on the market.

Emerging technology might be hard to understand and keep pace with, unless there’s a guiding hand pointing in the right direction. Florida-based Jasoren has chosen the mission to lead, taking their clients straight to the limelight of contemporary business. A full range of hi-tech services is at their disposal at any time, from full-fledged web development  to state-of-the-art augmented and virtual reality development.  

Solutions that Jasoren offers allow to speed up any business, in any industry, by expanding their client base, building up credibility, bringing new advertising and organizational opportunities, and improving business processes. To guarantee that every project is handled as effectively as possible, the company closely cooperates with their clients, ensuring smart engineering and goal-oriented project management. Other features include creative design, testing and ongoing maintenance services.

Jasoren is a team of like-minded expert-level developers and designers, committed to quality and uncompromised results, who make use of vibrant emerging technologies. The spheres of their expertise include:

- web development in a broad sense;

- chatbot development - text-based software designed for popular messengers (e.g., Telegram, Viber, Facebook) and traditional SMS;

- mobile apps for Android, iOS, hybrid and cross-platform;

- virtual reality – detailed VR-universe (Maya, 3D studio Max, Unity 3D);

- augmented reality development (AR), compatible with iPhones, Android devices, smart glasses and other gadgets.

Every product launched and released, turns into a digital masterpiece, since Jasoren is known for their urge to preserve excellence and inspire innovation. “The quality of their project management and processes was incredible. We always knew what was happening at the virtual reality development project and felt comfortable that things were progressing. Jasoren addressed any concerns before they became problems. We could fully rely on them," says Dean Stanton Great Lakes Diversified Group representative, briefing his impression about working with Jasoren on a VR project.

About Jasoren

Jasoren is a Florida-based software developer company with dozens of in-house professionals and numerous successfully completed projects for both small businesses and big corporations. The company has collaborated with WELLA, TISSOT, Armani Jeans, CAT Footwear and other A list brands. More information to be searched at https://jasoren.com anytime.

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