"Let them now protect themselves". Avakov wants to stop guarding courts by officers of the National Guard and police 02/19/2018 14:30:30. Total views 854. Views today — 0.

Head of the MIA Arsen Avakov intends to stop the protection of judicial bodies by officers of the National Police and servicemen of the National Guard. He wrote about this on Facebook, commenting on the court's decision, which released a man who shot a law enforcer near court.

The minister addressed Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman with a request to convene an extraordinary session of the Cabinet of Ministers in order to make a draft of the relevant resolution.

"In the morning I appealed to the Prime Minister to convene an extraordinary session of the Cabinet of Ministers. I do not see how the police and guards forces can perform an uncharacteristic for them function to protect the courts under such circumstances", - he reported.

"The judge of the Shevchenkivskiy Court released the man who had shoot and wound the policeman while he was guarding the court against the invasion of radicals. The court in fact approved the shooting at the policeman, considering it not a serious crime", - Arsen Avakov recalled.

According to him, in accordance with Article 160 of the Law of Ukraine on the judicial system and the status of judges, the appropriate protection of the courts should be conducted by a special service of the judicial guard. However, as noted by Avakov, the creation of this service "is being sabotaged by employees of the State Judicial Administration yet another year".

It is incomprehensible how the funds, allocated by the state budget, are being spent. Under current conditions of actual sabotage of the judges and judicial administration, I will introduce a draft resolution of the Cabinet on the termination of functions of protection of judicial bodies by the National Police and the National Guard. Let them now protect themselves, if they consider a gunshot wound of policeman a trivial offence in the transition period!", - the minister noted.

As previously reported, the police began criminal proceedings because of the wounding of a policeman near the Solomianka District Court of Kyiv, where Odessa Mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov had been chosen a pre-trial restriction. The court released the shooter from custody. The MIA Minister demanded from the High Council of Justice to react immediately to such actions of the judge, and from the prosecutor's office and the court of appeal to immediately make a fair decision on the fact of causing a gunshot wound to the policeman.