Civilians complain OSCE observers of the "customs" of the "DPR" near occupied Gorlovka 01/25/2016 20:36:21. Total views 997. Views today — 0.

Civilians complain OSCE observers of the "customs" of the "DPR" near occupied Gorlovka. This is stated in the report of the Special Monitoring Mission of the OSCE as of January 21st, - reports the press service of the OSCE SMM.

As noted, the SMM talked to members of the "DPR" and civilians at the checkpoint near Gorlovka. According to a member of the "DPR", the checkpoint was established on January 19th and is protected by "border guards" of the "DPR".

He said that "guards" had recorded the passport data of people passing through the checkpoint. In addition, they charged taxes on goods that were transported through the line of contact.

Though the SMM patrol was not going to pass through the checkpoint, a member of the "DNR" reported that the observers would have to provide passport data, if the SMM patrol passed through the checkpoint.

"Civilians, waiting in line to pass through the checkpoint, complained about the slow process of checking and they informed the SMM that it lasted 25 minutes. Residents said that the members of the "DPR" informed them that you couldn’t bring more than 50kg of products to the territories controlled by the "DPR". They complained that the inspection of goods was random and those who carried out the check, did not use the equipment to weigh the products, "- said the statement.