"DNR" handed over to someone unknown materials about the supposedly "crimes of the AFU" 02/06/2018 13:53:52. Total views 885. Views today — 3.

Another false statement about the alleged cooperation of the "DNR" with the International Criminal Court was made by representatives of the occupation administration in Donetsk. This was announced by Elena Shishkina, who calls herself a member of a "public commission for registering war crimes of the Ukrainian authorities in the Donbass", the separatist media reported.

According to her, some "public figures" handed over to the ICC materials about 10 people, injured during the shelling of the area of ​​the Motel bus station in Donetsk on the evening of February 2, 2017.

In total, the "DNR public figures" provided the ICC with information about 626 dead and wounded as a result of the alleged "military aggression of Kyiv".

Shishkina has traditionally not indicated the channel through which the "materials" collected by unknown persons are transferred to a high international authority. In fact, there is no mechanism for transferring such cases to the ICC on behalf of unrecognized terrorist organizations.

The point is that Shishkina's statement, like all the former ones, is false, since the ICC accepts cases for consideration only in three cases: one of the participating states passes a case to the prosecutor of the court; the UN Security Council gives the Court a case; the ICC Prosecutor initiates an investigation on his own initiative. However, in the latter case there must be very good reasons for initiating the case, and the actions of the prosecutor must be confirmed by the pre-trial chamber, consisting of three independent and impartial judges.

None of the mentioned mechanisms cannot be used by the unrecognized "DNR".

In addition, the ICC works on the principle of "last refuge", that is, it only acts if the state in whose territory the crime is committed or whose citizen is a criminal, does not want or cannot actually carry out an investigation and bring an accusation against this citizen.

Thus, all the statements of the “DNR” on cooperation with the International Criminal Court are nothing more than an attempt to add importance to their own "international activities".