"AFU sabotage and reconnaissance force" is already in Donetsk. "DNR" states that they were trying to kill the "Minister of Defence" 02/02/2018 11:37:02. Total views 720. Views today — 0.

The building of the "DNR" "Ministry of Defence" in the center of Donetsk was fired from RPG-26 hand-held anti-tank rocket launcher in the evening of February 1. This is reported by the Russian RBC with reference to the so-called "deputy of the People's Council" of the "DNR" Vladislav Brig.

According to him, the shots were fired from RPG-26 rocket launcher, mounted on a self-made tripod, with hand-made remote control.

Brig also reported that the "DNR" "Minister of Defence" Vladimir Kononov was in the building of the "Ministry", he was not injured.

"The military department later confirmed the information about the shelling. According to official information, the fire was opened by the "sabotage and reconnaissance force of the AFU", they fired from a single-shot grenade launcher from a close distance. The DNR Ministry of Defence stated that no one was injured", - the report said.