Ukrainian army has taken control over the "grey zone" village in Luhansk oblast 02/01/2018 13:20:40. Total views 677. Views today — 1.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have taken control over the village of Novooleksandrivka in Luhansk oblast, the settlement located in the so-called "grey zone" on the demarcation line. This was stated by Military Television, - the 112.Ukraine channel reports.

It is noted that from 2015, the outskirts of the village were the extreme positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the one hand and the positions of the militants on the other. Recently, the Armed Forces servicemen improved their tactical position, advanced along the line of demarcation for several kilometers and took Novooleksandrivka under their control.

"We took control over this village a few days ago, the enemy is trying to recover what he has lost. Snipers, small arms, etc. are working during the day. They shoot at us from large-caliber machine guns at night, but we cling to this piece of land", - a serviceman has told.

According to the All-Ukrainian Population Census, 124 people lived in the village in 2001. As reported by Military Television, now there are less than 20 residents left, to whom the military are providing all possible assistance. The village is not gasified, there has been no electricity since the summer of 2014.

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine has not commented on the renewal of the Ukrainian control over the village, - the report says.