Occupational "authorities" demand the CDDLO business to report who and what prevents its developing 01/30/2018 14:38:41. Total views 797. Views today — 0.

Occupational "authorities" demand from entrepreneurs working on the part of the Donetsk oblast, controlled by the militants, to fill in a questionnaire about the reasons complicating the business activity. This is reported by the separatist media.

It is noted that all legal entities, as well as their separate subdivisions working in the CDDLO, are subject to compulsory filling in the questionnaire.

The questionnaire will be required when providing forms of state statistical observations and financial reporting.

All the requisites (identification code of the enterprise (organization), its name and main type of economic activity in 2017) must be filled in, the "X" sign may mark one or more main limiting factors.

At the same time, businessmen are promised "confidentiality of information".