National Corps initiated the activities of the "national brigades" to ensure order in the streets (VIDEO) 01/30/2018 13:07:42. Total views 802. Views today — 0.

The party National Corps, led by the founder of Azov battalion, MP Andriy Biletsky, held the march of the "national brigades". This is reported on the National Brigades page in Facebook.

It is noted that on January 28, 600 people marched from the Nebesnoi Sotni Avenue along Khreshchatyk Street to the Kyiv Fortress. After that, they took the oath.

"Today, here are those who are not indifferent to the fate of their own country, the troubles of their people, young boys who are ready to sacrifice their time, health, their own welfare for the sake of the common good", - said A. Biletsky.

Biletsky noted that the activists of the organization go out daily to patrol the streets of Ukrainian cities and fight against drug trafficking and alcoholic genocide of the Ukrainian people.

The purpose of the activity of the NGO National Brigades is to ensure order in the streets of Ukrainian cities. The personnel of the organization are former combatants, patriotic youth and indifferent citizens who share the desire to improve the security situation in the country.

The National Brigades page in Facebook posted a video of the march.