"DNR authorities" turned into an object of mass hatred due to the MTS shutdown - Russian journalist 01/29/2018 12:40:08. Total views 882. Views today — 0.

Due to the shutdown of the Vodafone-Ukraine (MTS) mobile operator, the “authorities” of the "DNR” turned into an object of mass hatred just within a few days. This opinion was expressed by the Russian journalist Andrey Babitsky, who actively supported separatists and settled down in the occupied Donetsk.

"What’s wrong with our authorities? Just within several days, thanks to the MTS or Vodafone shutdown, they turned into an object of mass denial and hatred, they are cursed by thousands of people", - he wrote in a social network.

"You have never inflicted such damage on yourself before, guys. No one, of course, believes in the allegations that it is fault of Ukraine. The whole republic, all the people are sure that Phoenix took advantage of the situation to monopolize the market", - the Russian propagandist wrote.

"I just want to say that within a week, the authorities have become the subject of great alienation. This is not reasonable in the pre-election year, and this is a real social collapse, a tragedy for hundreds of thousands of our old people. Do at least something", - he appeals to the occupation authorities of the "DNR".