The ATO participant, wanted by militants of the "DPR", was "thrown out" of the competition for the position of the head of Boryspil Prosecutor's Office 12/02/2015 20:58:02. Total views 1392. Views today — 0.

The ATO participant, wanted by the "DPR", Pavel Livochka failed in the final competition of candidates for the position of the head of Boryspil Prosecutor's Office, despite the best result in the test. OstroV was informed about that by its source in the General Prosecutor’s Office.

P. Livochka worked as Krasnogvardeisk interdistrict prosecutor of Donetsk region, investigator of the regional prosecutor's office, then deputy prosecutor in one of the districts in Donetsk. He left Donetsk together with his family in connection with the beginning of the "Russian Spring". In September 2014 he volunteered to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine, that’s why is wanted by "DPR". He spent 10 months in the ATO: participated in combat missions in Avdeyevka, Vodyanoye, Peski, Severnyi  near the Donetsk airport. When performing a combat mission to evacuate  civilians from the shelling in Severnyi village, he was injured, underwent several operations. He demobilized on September 1, 2015.

In the rehabilitation period between operations Livochka participated in the competition for the leading positions in the Boryspol Prosecutor's Office in Kiev region. In the first stage of the competition he scored 100 points and  in the second 68.3. At the end of the two stages he was the absolute leader of the Prosecutor's Office by a huge margin. The second place was taken by current Boryspil prosecutor N. Ulmer with 99 and 51.7 points respectively. There were also two interviews.

However, despite this, at the end the leaders were as follows:
1) Kostіv Yaroslav 
2) Baklagov Yevgen 
3) Ulmer Mykola 

These are candidates are submitted to the General Prosecutor’s Office for the appointment of the head of Boryspil Prosecutor's Office.

Besides, the father of one of the candidates Yevgen Baklagov – Yuriy Baklagov - was former mayor of the occupied Krasnodon, helped to hold the pseudo referendum, and therefore his data appeared at the Myrotvorets website.

Nikolai Ulmer is the current prosecutor at Boryspil Prosecutor's Office, and Yaroslav Kostiv has been working in the prosecutor's office since 2012 and during that time "grew" from intern to deputy prosecutor of Irpin.