36 mines cannot be restored in the occupied territories 01/26/2018 15:19:48. Total views 829. Views today — 0.

36 coal mines are completely flooded and cannot be restored in the uncontrolled territories of the Donbass. This was reported by the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Ostap Semerak, - Uriadovyj Portal writes.

The figures are the results of a joint study conducted by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine and the OSCE with the support of the governments of Canada and Austria.

The Minister stressed that for four years, the Ukrainian side has no access to the occupied territory, and this does not allow to fully assess the damage done to the environment.

"The flooding is approaching a critical point, which can result in an ecological catastrophe - contamination of groundwater, rivers and soils. The lost mines cannot be restored, they pose a serious threat to the environment and the health of the people who live there", - said Semerak.

He also noted that Ukraine would not be able to avoid the process of closing the mines after the end of the military conflict.

"We will not be able to avoid closing the mines, but this process requires engineering, environmental and man-made and scientific control. Ukraine will not be able to simultaneously close dozens of mines without international cooperation", - the minister said.