In the "DNR", miners have to urgently report to the military enlistment offices with their belongings 01/24/2018 16:24:27. Total views 743. Views today — 0.

Miners of the occupied part of the Donetsk oblast are called for large-scale military exercises. This is reported by local residents in social networks.

It is noted that almost all miners (of one of Makiivyhillia mines - OstroV) were handed over draft notices against the signature, ordering to come for the medical examination on January 24.

The day after the medical examination, on Thursday, the miners are obliged to arrive at the military enlistment offices with their things, documents and dry rations for one day.

The user of social networks confirmed this information with a photograph of the corresponding draft notice. It indicates that coming is a must.

"The draft notice had a stub, which after the signature, was sent back to the military enlistment offices. The details of where, why and for how long, were not initially reported at all. Also, the notice contained a list of documents and things to take with you: a passport, a driver’s license (if any), a medical card, toiletries, several sets of clothes, underwear, threads and needles, dry rations for the first time", - the report said.

After passing medical examination, the miners were given time to take the notices to the workplace, and to come back to military enlistment offices on Thursday.

"Large-scale field exercises are held at least for a week and even with a small financial aid of $8 per day", - the report said.

It is noted that miners of all Makiivyhillia mines received similar notices.

As OstroV previously reported, the “authorities” of the occupied Donbass began to actively carry out mobilization measures. According to employees of budget organizations, male personnel was told to visit military enlistment offices to simply "check in", allegedly to check the number of people liable for military service. Others note that the private order refers to "checking the number of the male population for possible mobilization for the "armed forces".