Biden is concerned about regression in fight against corruption in Ukraine 01/24/2018 14:09:17. Total views 671. Views today — 0.

Former U.S. Vice-President Joseph Biden believes that corruption in Ukraine remains the biggest problem. He expressed concern about the regression in this matter, - Voice of America reports.

It is noted that he recommended the Trump administration to closely monitor what Kyiv says and what it is silent about, and also, how the promises of Ukrainian authorities are being fulfilled. He also shared his experience of negotiations that he conducted with the administration of President Poroshenko in 2016.

"I was desperately excited by regression in the fight against corruption in Kyiv. This is one specific example for you. I was given a mission regarding Ukraine. I remember how I went there to convince our team that we should provide Ukraine with long-term credit guarantees. I traveled to Kyiv 12-13 times, and finally, I had to announce that we offer another one billion dollars of credit guarantees. I got promises from Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk that they would take steps against the Prosecutor General, but they did not do it", - Biden shared his experience.

He added that he managed to get the dismissal of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

"I said: I will leave in 6 hours. If your prosecutor general is not fired by that time, you do not get any money. And that son of a bitch was fired. His place was taken by someone who was trusted at that time", - Biden added.

According to him, since that time, very important changes and necessary institutional and personnel changes have been made in Ukraine.

"But one of the three necessary institutions is now retreating. The Anti-Corruption Court. But they promised that this would not happen", - former Vice-President Joseph Biden noted, disappointed with Ukraine's actions.

He also stated that he supports and considers reasonable the decision of the administration of Donald Trump to provide lethal arms to Ukraine. In his opinion, together with the pressure of the West, this step will allow the country to more effectively resist Russian aggression.