Fake "Minister of coal industry of the LNR" will be judged again. Verdict of non-guilty is canceled 01/23/2018 18:18:01. Total views 689. Views today — 0.

Luhansk Regional Court of Appeal has canceled the verdict of the first-instance court, which justified former "Minister of Coal Industry and Energy of the LNR" Sergey Baranov. This is stated in the message of press service of the prosecutor's office of the Luhansk oblast.

The appeals instance found that Kreminna district court of the Luhansk oblast, which justified Baranov in spring, violated the rule of law.

The judge announced the verdict not in full and named the surname of another person instead of surname of the accused in the reasons for judgment.

The verdict of Kreminna district court was canceled and a new trial was appointed in the first-instance court.

As previously reported, Kreminna district court of the Luhansk oblast justified former so-called "Minister of Coal Industry of the LNR" Sergey Baranov. The judges did not find enough evidence of Baranov's involvement in the creation of terrorist group and took into account that he became "minister" "at gunpoint".