"DNR" authorities can switch on MTS in a crack. Vodafone calls militants for humanity 01/23/2018 15:00:55. Total views 808. Views today — 0.

The authorities of the "DNR" intentionally block the work of Vodafone (MTS) mobile operator in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast, - head of the company's public relations department Victoria Ruban wrote on Facebook.

"As of today, the situation with communication in Donetsk remains unchanged". I start the morning with this phrase already for 5 days. Questions from people from both sides of the demarcation line, who cannot contact their parents, children, relatives, friends, and whom I sincerely regret, continue-continue-continue to pour. The equipment was working before the cable breakdown, and I think, it will work again, if electricity is supplied", - she wrote.

"I want to address those whom the switch depends on – first off, turn on the electricity, it is that easy! And we immediately see, whether there is a problem with the equipment or not. Do not deprive people of the legal right to keep in touch! Show humanity to your citizens!", - the representative of the Ukrainian mobile operator calls militants.

Later, Victoria Ruban deflects accusations in the comments to her post that there is no normal mobile communication in the "DNR" because of Vodafone.

"You are mistaken, we are not inactive… Everything works in Luhansk…", - she writes.

Commenting on the call of the "DNR" authorities to send experts from free Ukraine to the occupied territory, Victoria Ruban reminded that this is impossible "because we do not work in the uncontrolled territory. The law forbids. The one who "invites" knows about it".

"But you, - she appeals to the residents of occupied part of the Donetsk oblast, - have the right to demand an immediate action from those who can change the situation in a crack".

As previously reported, on January 11, Vodafone (MTS) mobile communication was disconnected throughout the occupied territory of Donbass. On January 19, Vodafone company announced the completion of work on the restoration of mobile communications. Communication started working in the occupied territory of Luhansk region, but not in the "DNR". As noted in the company, "the network does not work for reasons unknown to us". "There is a possibility that the equipment is out of order or there is no electricity supply", - the company stated. In turn, the "DNR" militants demanded from Vodafone to pay electricity consumed and send experts for technique maintenance of equipment.