"LNR's" military enlistment offices have begun audit of males for possible mobilization 01/23/2018 13:47:26. Total views 898. Views today — 0.

The state-financed organizations and all enterprises of occupied part of the Luhansk oblast have been notified that it is necessary for their male personnel to visit military enlistment offices. This is reported by OstroV’s source Luhansk.

According to employees of state-financed organizations, men are told that it is necessary to simply "check in", allegedly to check the number of people liable for military service. Others note that the private order refers to "checking the number of the male population for possible mobilization for the "armed forces".

As OstroV previously reported, social networks’ users told that a similar campaign was held in the "DNR".

The so-called "chief enlistment officer" of the "republic" Alexander Malkovsky, commenting on "rumors about the upcoming mobilization in the DNR", admitted that "military enlistment offices conduct planned measures to check the number of reservists".

"This is a regular routine procedure, there is no mobilization in the republic. We check the documents of the military registration, the state of citizens' health", - said Malkovsky.