The "DNR" leader called on residents of the occupation zone to endure for peace 01/22/2018 16:05:31. Total views 758. Views today — 0.

The leader of the "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko urged residents of the occupation zone to endure for the sake of resolving the conflict peacefully. He said this during a rally dedicated to the anniversary of the terrorist act in the Leninsky district of Donetsk, when the "DNR" militants shot a bus stop and a trolley bus from a mortar.

Answering the question "how much more do we have to wait for peace and how much more can we sustain shelling (unsubstantiated statements of separatist propaganda - OstroV) from Ukrainian army?",- the militant assured that the war will not end soon.

"If you want to hear that everything is going to end tomorrow, I cannot say this. I will just say that everything has its time, but our grandfathers and great-grandfathers waited even more", - Zakharchenko said.

"If it is possible to solve the issue by peace and take back our land by peaceful means, this will be worth fighting and waiting. Every human life is an invaluable gift given by God", - the terrorist, who actively participates in the escalation of the conflict, said.

As it was reported, the Minsk agreements, first of all, provide for the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine by providing the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass with the status of "districts with a special order of the local self-government". There are signatures, including the puppet ruler of the "DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko, under all documents, signed in Minsk. Concepts of the "DNR" or the "LNR", as well as the names of any posts of the "heads of republics", do not appear in the Minsk documents at all.