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"Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the LNR": "Specialists of the Ministry, who on January 17 started to repair the damaged Vodafone line near Vesela Hora village, plan to finish the works in two or three days".

"People's Militia of the LNR": "The military personnel of the LNR are not less professional than NATO instructors".

Media: "In the LNR, the management of Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works is reconstructing the trucking workshop of the enterprise, which was practically destroyed during the period of work under the Ukrainian jurisdiction. This was stated by the Head of the Personnel and General Affairs Department Vladimir Danilovich at the meeting of the deputies of the LNR People's Council with the AISW staff".

"Acting Minister of Health of the LNR" Pavel Lyaskevich: "Medical institutions of the Republic prepared a stock of vaccines and treatment of measles in the districts of Luhansk oblast controlled by Kyiv".

"The MES of the DNR": "Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situation of the DNR suspended the search for three fishermen who did not return from fishing on the Azov Sea on January 12. The information about the possibility of further search is not available at the moment".

"The Ministry of Culture of the DNR": "On January 18, famous Russian rock singer Yulia Chicherina will have a joint rehearsal with participants of the student symphony orchestra of the Donetsk Prokofiev State Musical Academy".

"The MIA of the DNR": "A large number of weapons and ammunition stored in the attic of private households have been found and seized by employees of the Horlivka Central District Police Department: more than 1,200 rounds of 5.45 mm caliber, about 100 rounds 7.62 mm caliber, manual grenade, antipersonnel and artillery mines, electric detonators, shots for RPGs. The owner of the house explained that he found the ammunition in a forest belt and kept it as a trophy. The man faces up to four years in prison with a fine of $1400".

"The MIA of the LNR": "The officers of the LNR police detained a man who paid with counterfeit 1000 rubles banknotes of the Bank of Russia in shops and cafes of Kirovsk".