Vodafone announced its readiness to repair cable in Donbass within 12 hours 01/17/2018 14:53:00. Total views 1015. Views today — 0.

Vodafone-Ukraine mobile operator will be able to repair the main fiber optic cable in the occupied territories within 10-12 hours while ensuring the possibility of leaving the repair team to the place. This was stated in the commentary to Hromadske Radio by the company's spokeswoman Victoria Ruban.

"We do not know what damage the cable had. According to our estimates, it is needed 10-12 hours (for repairs, - ed.), not more", - the spokeswoman noted. She added that the repair team of the company is ready to go to the site of cable damage in the grey zone, and as soon as the corresponding opportunity is provided, it will begin repair work.

The militants stated today that they provide security guarantees to Vodafone-Ukraine mobile operator to carry out works to restore mobile communications in CDDLO.

The company is aware of negotiations on the granting of permit for repairs, conducted at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination. "I heard such information yesterday. I know that the process on possibility of granting (permission, - ed.) and the terms were discussed .If they (militants - ed.) said, that is very good news", - the company's spokeswoman stated.

As for the return of subscribers' monthly tariff fee, which they paid in advance but do not receive any services now, Ruban said: "This is certainly a force majeure situation, but now the main task is to restore the connection so that we can make a refund. And then we will make a decision, the probability of a refund is very high".

As previously reported, on January 11, Vodafone (MTS) mobile communication disconnected throughout the occupied territory of Donbass. Earlier, the mobile operator stated that switches all its subscribers who live in occupied territory of the Donetsk and the Luhansk oblasts to "Smartphone Standard" tariff, which provides a daily subscription fee of $0.11. This is allegedly explained by the inability of normal maintenance in ATO zone.

Earlier, media cited Victoria Ruban stating, that the Joint Center for Control and Coordination accepted Vodafone's appeal for access to a damaged cable, due to which communications were disrupted in the uncontrolled territory of Donbass.