Kramatorsk City Council will find out inside facts of official, who was suspected of having links with the "DNR" 01/09/2018 15:44:03. Total views 854. Views today — 2.

The question of considering the grounds for dismissal of deputy head of the city board of education Ivan Polupan was taken to the session of Kramatorsk City Council, - Depo.Kramatorsk reports.

The corresponding draft decision will be discussed at the meeting on January 24.

Consideration of this issue was the result of appearance of a petition to create a special commission for Polupan.

The petition collected 266 votes out of 250 required for consideration at the session.

"I ask the deputies of Kramatorsk City Council to consider the existence of legal reasons for the dismissal of Ivan Polupan. The reason for this is the data on his activities during April-June 2014, namely: promotion of the so-called "referendum", possible involvement and assistance with activities of the "DNR" terrorist organization, repeated critical rhetoric towards the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and denial of Russian armed aggression against our state", - the petition said.