Russia is preparing bloody terrorist attacks in the Crimea to discredit the Crimean Tatars - the battalion commander Osmayev 01/21/2016 20:06:14. Total views 1242. Views today — 0.

Russia is preparing bloody terrorist attacks in the Crimea to accuse the leaders of the Crimean Tatars and to launch an offensive against Ukraine. This was stated by the commander of the International Peacekeeping Battalion named after Dzhokhar Dudayev Adam Osmayev – reports UNIAN.

"We received information from reliable sources that from 4th to 9th January 4 groups of 5-7 people arrived in Crimea, they belong to Terek Russian Special Police Force and were trained at the base in Gudermes (Chechnya, Russian Federation). Their goal is to carry out a number of terrorist attacks in Crimea, so that the Russian authorities can accuse Ukraine and the Crimean Tatars, in particular,"- said Osmayev.

He added that the attacks were planned with the aim of accusing Ukraine of disrupting the Minsk agreements and starting an open attack from the peninsula, as well as from the occupied territories in the east of the country.

According to Osmayev, terrorists are planning to carry out terrorist attacks at the Kuibyshev and Central Markets in Simferopol, Angarsk pass, Simferopol-Yalta highway. There may be also attacks on Orthodox churches in Simferopol and blowing up some old warship in the Sevastopol naval port.

In her turn, the press officer of the International Peacekeeping named after Dzhokhar Dudayev Amina Okuyeva said that to discredit the Ukrainian authorities and leaders of the Crimean Tatar, the Russian security services are increasingly trying to present Ukrainian Muslims, especially ATO volunteers as IGIL allies.