People in the "DNR" want peace and pre-war life, but this is a wrong desire – militant Khodakovsky 12/29/2017 13:16:01. Total views 1028. Views today — 0.

The desire of people in the occupied by militants Donbass to return to peaceful pre-war life is wrong and can be ignored. This opinion was expressed by creator of the terrorist Vostok Battalion Alexander Khodakovsky in social networks.

"Not always people's opinion can be the only true. Take, for example, our situation. People want peace and pre-war life, people want not to think about the causes of war", - he writes, emphasizing that this desire of residents of the occupied Donbass cannot be indulged.

The militant reasons that the alleged beginning of the pro-Russian separatists' rhetoric in 2014, which provoked a murderous war, was caused by real reasons. And, allegedly, these reasons do not allow us to return to pre-war life now.

"But they (the causes of war – OstroV) exist! And they predetermine the current fate and most importantly - the fate of its future generations, and in such cases as with the fascism - the fate of the whole world", - the terrorist Khodakovsky exclaims pathetically.

He believes that people, in virtue of their narrow-mindedness, plainly do not see these reasons. "There is such a concept of special forces - tunnel vision, when being under stress, the focus is getting narrow, peripheral vision is not working well, and you see only what is in front of you. The same is with people who are under stress today, and whose horizons of perception are narrowed", - he uses allegory from "Alpha" practice.

Alexander Khodakovsky is a former commander of Alpha special forces of the SBU in the Donetsk oblast. He betrayed the oath and from the first days of the Russian hybrid war against Ukraine became one of the leaders of the Donbass terrorists. He created and led the Vostok Battalion. Currently, he is moved away from all official posts in the "DNR". Now he is in the confrontation with the so-called "head of the republic" Alexander Zakharchenko. He stands for an idea of Donbass accession to Russia, but his approach to this matter does not find understanding in the Russian Federation. In the fall of 2017, he announced his desire to compete for the post of "head of the republic" in the "scheduled elections".