Reintegration? Vodafone Ukraine switches subscribers of the occupied Donbass and front-line cities to $0.11/day tariff 12/28/2017 14:58:35. Total views 1052. Views today — 0.

Vodafone Ukraine mobile operator switches all its subscribers who live in occupied territory of the Donetsk and the Luhansk oblasts to "Smartphone Standard" tariff, which provides a daily subscription fee of $0.11. This is 2-3 times more expensive than the previous tariffs.

"Smartphone Standard" is the only tariff that will be available in the near future on the territory, uncontrolled by Ukrainian authorities. In the period from January 9 to February 15, 2018, your tariff will be free of charge and automatically changed to the tariff", - Vodafone Ukraine informs its subscribers.

Operators of Vodafone Ukraine call center explain that the company does not have the ability to maintain and repair equipment that is located in the uncontrolled territories of Ukraine in the Donetsk and the Luhansk oblasts. The network works with fits and starts, because the equipment is out of order. "Therefore, the tariff with daily payment is more honest", - they say.

It is worthy of note that that residents of the front-line territories - Avdiivka and Toretsk - receive messages on the compulsory switch to a new tariff as well.

"Vodafone Ukraine company believes that Avdiivka is a city where state power does not work, and therefore, has the right to change tariffs at its own convenience", - users write in "Avdiivka - My Motherland" group on Facebook.

"Vodafone sent the whole family sms about the compulsory switch to the tariff Standard from 9.01 (without the right to choose), alleging as its reason that we are on the territory of Hole. We failed to prove that Toretsk is Ukraine!", - one of the residents of frontline Toretsk writes on Twitter.