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"Commissioner for Human Rights in the DNR" Daria Morozova: "On January 18, 2018, after the meeting of the working subgroup on humanitarian issues in Minsk, we will definitely raise the issue of the second stage of the exchange, because we did not take all our people. At the moment, there are 58 people on the Ukrainian territory, it has already been confirmed. For the last month, there were about 18 new arrests. Work on exchanges will continue".

Media: "Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate observed the exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and the DNR in Horlivka".

Media: "The Kharkiv citizen kept his promise and brought his cat from the Ukrainian captivity to the LNR".

"Head of the DNR" Alexander Zakharchenko: "Next year we want - and I am sure that it will be so - a big boost in the economy. We will implement those projects, of which we could only dream".

Media: "Russian rock band Kukryniksy performed at the celebration of the Rescuer Day in Donetsk".

Media: "The Russian State Children's Library has transferred more than 300 books to the Luhansk Children's Library".

Media: "Delegations from Russia, South Ossetia and Abkhazia visited the celebration of the Rescuer Day in Donetsk".

"The DNR traffic police": "The traffic police of the DNR reminds citizens, living in the territory of the Republic and operating vehicles registered in the territory of Ukraine, that in 2017 compulsory registration of vehicles of an odd year of release was made. For driving a vehicle that is not registered or not re-registered in the prescribed manner, drivers are brought to administrative responsibility. The amount of the fine is from $6 to $9, while the vehicle is temporarily seized and delivered to a special site".

"The MES of the LNR": "In Luhansk’s Zhukov district, as a result of an explosion of a hand grenade in the apartment, a man, born in 1994, died. Two women, born in 1997, received shrapnel wounds. The victims were brought at the Luhansk Republican Clinical Hospital".