74 Ukrainians, released from the militants’ captivity, return home - Lutsenko 12/27/2017 18:03:05. Total views 890. Views today — 0.

The process of exchange of hostages was completed and 74 people were transferred to the Ukrainian side. This was reported by the MP from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction, the presidential representative in the Verkhovna Rada, Iryna Lutsenko, on her Facebook page.

"Good news - the process of exchange is over, the Ukrainian side has received 74 hostages, who were in captivity in the occupied part of Donbass, they are returning home!", - she wrote.

As previously reported, the exchange of prisoners under the formula "306 for 74" is planned for today, that is, the Ukrainian side will release 306 representatives of the "republics", and the "DNR/LNR" will give Ukraine 74 hostages.