Dozens of "DNR/LNR" prisoners refuse to return to the occupied Donbass - Lutkovska 12/27/2017 15:07:36. Total views 747. Views today — 0.

Several dozen people, who are on the lists for exchange from the Ukrainian side, do not want to return to the occupied Donbass. This was stated by the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Valeriia Lutkovska, Hromadske reports, whose journalists are on the site under the occupied Horlivka.

It is reported that 43 people who should be among the 306 hostages on the Ukrainian side, served their sentence and were released from custody, so they did not come to the exchange.

At the same time, about 10-15 people, who came to the exchange, refuse to return to the occupied territories of Donbass.

According to Lutkovska, each hostage will be asked in the presence of representatives of the Red Cross if he or she wants to return to the occupied territory.

As previously reported, the exchange of prisoners under the formula "306 for 74" is planned for today, that is, the Ukrainian side will release 306 representatives of the "republics", and the "DNR/LNR" will give Ukraine 74 hostages.