"DNR" mobile operator, created on basis of the seized equipment, announces 3G testing 12/26/2017 15:27:05. Total views 1238. Views today — 1.

The mobile operator "Phoenix", created due to the seized equipment of Ukrainian mobile operators in the occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast, declares about testing the 3G network. This is reported by the separatist media.

"The mobile operator Phoenix has integrated new equipment into its own network, thanks to which it was possible to set up a data transmission network using 3G technology", - the statement said.

Now the network is available in a closed test mode with restrictions. 3G operates on the UMTS standard (W-CDMA) with the HSDPA technology of data transmission.

Information about the 3G network is confirmed in social networks: "Meanwhile, Phoenix already sees a  3mob network and is able to connect to it in roaming and gets a weak 3G".

At the time of the start of hostilities in the Donetsk oblast in 2014, 3mob operator had licenses for 3G.

In February 2015, Kyivstar announced the seizure of equipment in the company's technical office in Donetsk. After that, the operator stopped providing services in the occupied territory. Phoenix mobile operator was created by militants based on the equipment of Kyivstar.

Then, due to the actions of the terrorist authorities of the "DNR", the work of Lifecell and Ukrtelecom operators was terminated.