Just a denunciation. In Donetsk, the pupils grassed up their teacher, who called the "DNR" militants bandits 12/26/2017 14:45:56. Total views 774. Views today — 0.

Donetsk schoolchildren, in fact, grassed up their favourite teacher to the special services of the "DNR". Grigoriy Shteyn is the founder of one of the best vocational schools in the city. The denunciation was in the form of an anonymous recording posted on the Internet, where a well-known teacher-innovator tries to inform his schoolchildren that the current Donetsk authorities are bandit formations.

The students actively disagreed with him, their classroom discussion was recorded on video and posted on the Internet.

The record shows that Shteyn openly called the military formations that are operating in Donetsk as bandits, and that their leaders attend even official events with armed guards.

The pupils objected to him with clichés about the food blockade of the "DNR" and the promises of Poroshenko to force the children of the "republic" hide in basements instead of going to school.

In the "DNR", this video has already caused a flurry of criticism and led to teacher’s harassment.

"He should just be simply shot. So they would not even look for his grave", - the advocates of the "republic" suggest in the social networks.

This video does not allow to determine the exact date of the attempted educational conversation with the young supporters of the terrorist "DNR".

In 1990, Grigoriy Shteyn founded the prestigious vocational school in Donetsk and since then has been its headmaster. He is the author of a large number of scientific and methodical works. A lot of his pupils won All-Ukrainian and International academic competitions.