For a month Police in Donetsk region seized 24 units of weapon, 7500 of ammunition and about 6.5 kg of explosives 12/02/2015 14:14:07. Total views 1246. Views today — 0.

Just for this month law enforcement officers in Donetsk region seized 24 firearms, about 7.5 thousand of ammunition and about 6.5 kg of explosives, - informs the Department of Communications of the Main Department of the National Police in the region.

As noted, the special operation is going on with the aim to ensure the safety of the residents of Donetsk region and prevent the infiltration of weapons and explosives from the ATO area to the peaceful settlements of Ukraine.

In November police seized 24 firearms, about 7.5 thousand of ammunition, including 207 grenades and about 6,5 kg of explosives.

During the last week the largest seizures of illegal weapons and ammunitions took place in Selidovo, Slavyansk, Avdeyevka, Volnovakha.

In Slavyansk a special group of members of the Criminal police of the region in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies held an operation. For a week police detained three people who hid weapon and ammunition, among whom there was an order holder-fighter of "DPR" who worked as an informant. Police officers prevented the sabotage action and seized six firearms, two grenades, more than 7 kilograms of gunpowder, 180 rounds of ammunition.

"Since the beginning of the year Criminal Police officers seized 316 rocket-propelled grenades, about 4 thousand grenades and other ammunition, nearly 140,000 rounds of ammunition, 260 bombs, and 220 kg of explosives", - said the head of the Criminal Police of Main Department of National Police in Donetsk region Andrey Bondarenko.

Most weapons were seized in the areas near the demarcation line with the temporarily occupied territory: Artemovsk, Maryinsk, Krasnoarmeysk, Dzerzhinsk, as well as in Mariupol, and the suburbs.