Russian journalists found more false witnesses of Ukrainian trace in the destruction of Boeing 12/14/2017 16:15:09. Total views 835. Views today — 0.

Russian journalists have found more "eyewitnesses" of Ukrainian trace in the destruction of Boeing over the Donbass sky in the summer of 2014. This is stated in the spot of NTV propaganda television channel.

Allegedly, sitting in trenches, two "militiamen" saw a track of the missile, launched from the controlled by Ukraine territory, which shot down plain MH-17 of Malaysia Airlines.

Their "testimony" could be treated as statements not susceptible of proof, which are difficult to refute because of their complete lack of evidence.

However, one of the "witnesses" pronounces a phrase that immediately gives away the fake nature of "exposure", presented on the Russian TV, presented as a sensation. "He decided that they shot down a transport plane, but in the evening, he found out about the crash of flight MH-17", - the journalist quotes him.

In other words, until the evening, the "militiamen" were sure that the military transport aircraft of the AFU had been destroyed. They did not think at that time that the missile, which they allegedly saw, was fired from the controlled territory. The version about Ukrainian trace appeared later, when it became clear that a civilian plane had been shot down.

By the way, the fact that militants and Russian mercenaries were hunting for Ukrainian "transport" and were sure at first that they achieved their target by shooting Boeing, is confirmed by the words of the then "defence minister of the DNR" Russian terrorist Igor Girkin (Strelkov).

"An-26 plane was just hit in the area of Torez, it is somewhere behind the Progress mine. We have warned you - do not fly in "our sky". And here is the video confirmation. The bird fell behind the gob pile, the residential sector was not engaged. Civilians did not suffer", - he wrote in the "Reports from Strelkov " group on social network.

Then, this message was deleted and the "DNR" propagandists did the utmost to disavow these words.

On July 17, 2014, Boeing 777, carrying out the flight MH-17 of Malaysia Airlines, crashed over the east of Ukraine. 298 people were on its board, all of them died. Most of the passengers on board were Dutch citizens.

Bellingcat international expert-journalistic group unveiled a report, according to which the Russian military was involved in the organization of transportation of the Buk anti-aircraft missile system that had shot down the aircraft of Malaysia Airlines. The AA missile system itself was in service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The international investigation team tilts toward the same version.

Ukraine signed an intergovernmental memorandum with Australia, Belgium, Malaysia and the Netherlands on political support for the criminal prosecution of persons, responsible for the crash of Boeing-777 of Malaysia Airlines flight MN-17.