"DNR" equipped punishment cells, and "LNR" created special forces to beat prisoners - UN report 12/14/2017 14:40:35. Total views 901. Views today — 0.

The militants of the Donbass terrorist "republics" have equipped torture chambers and introduced the system of beating prisoners in places of liberty deprivation. This is stated in the "Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Ukraine, August 16-November 15, 2017" prepared by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

During the reporting period, OHCHR received and followed up on accounts of seven individuals (three women and four men) who had been detained incommunicado in an armed group-controlled place of detention called "Izoliatsiia".

"Since at least 2016, the facility has been used by the "Ministry of State Security" of the "DNR" to detain men and women suspected of "treason", "subversive activities" or cooperation with SBU", - the report says. Detention periods varied from a few hours to over a year. The facility has cells used for punishment (for example, a cell where you can only sit and a cell where you can only stand), and a "monitoring room" from which 24-hour video surveillance of the cells can be carried out. The guards were dressed in camouflage uniforms without insignias and were armed with the AK-47 assault rifles, - the report said.

The "guards" forced the hostages to constantly perform physical work, so that the "detainees" were always exhausted.

Apart from the "DNR", the facts of vicious treatment of people, deprived of liberty, were registered in the colonies in occupied territories of the Luhansk oblast. In particular, the UN report notes that in the corrections facilities of Slovianoserbsk and Khrustalny (formerly Krasnyi Luch), prisoners are said to be constantly beaten by masked people. It is noted that these people are considered fighters of "special forces" ("Spetsnaz"). They are dressed in camouflage uniform with chevrons depicting a skull in a beret with a knife in the teeth.