Putin ordered the withdrawal of the Russian troops from Syria 12/11/2017 18:21:29. Total views 809. Views today — 3.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the withdrawal of the Russian military grouping from Syria to permanent deployment on the territory of the Russian Federation. He said this, speaking to the air base military personnel on Monday, Russian Interfax reports.

"I order the Minister of Defence and Chief of the General Staff to proceed to the withdrawal of the Russian group of troops to the points of their permanent deployment", - Putin said.

According to him, the decision to return to Russia will affect a significant part of the military group.

"In two years, the Russian Armed Forces, together with the Syrian army, defeated the most efficient group of international terrorists and in this connection I decided: a significant part of the Russian military contingent in the Syrian Arab Republic is returning home to Russia", - Putin said.

"If the terrorists rise their heads again, we’ll strike them with a force they’ve never seen", - he said.

According to Putin, the victims "will not force us to lay down our hands and retreat, it's not in the nature of our people at all. On the contrary, this memory will give us additional forces to eradicate the absolute evil of international terrorism, whatever guise it takes", - the Russian president said.