Militants of the "DPR" enter passport data of passers-by into some kind of database on positions in Elenovka and near Gorlovka 01/20/2016 23:02:08. Total views 1186. Views today — 1.

The representatives of the self-proclaimed "DPR" enter passport data of passers-by into some kind of database on positions in Elenovka and near Gorlovka. It is reported by Donbass SOS.

As noted, the traditional queues in the direction of Artemovsk and Mariupol have changed their deployment sites a bit since yesterday. "The majority of cars are now at the DPR post (in Elenovka and near Gorlovka) - there is passport control now. At each of the stations there is a trailer, in which two people enter passport data of passers-by into the "database," - said the statement.

Traffic flow is long and the process of entering the passport data is extremely slow - huge queues hardly move. People have to spend from 3 to 6 hours in these queues.

That's what witnesses say in social networks:


All who enter and leave are entered into the computer. Just two people are doing it. That’s why the queues are so long

- all are at Elenovka. DPR organized census of leaving population, on one computer. It’s just mockery.

- we have been standing at Elenovka for 4 hours!

- Yesterday at 4 o’clock people, who came there before 7 am, started to pass checkpoint. Today the queue moves a bit slower. There is no point for people who came after 12 to stay here!


- At the “triangle” another checkpoint was opened, my friend is in the queue there now, it will take a couple of hours more ... The post was equipped at a gas station, there are 4 computers, they collect passports and enter into the database, some database and do not know why ... The road to the entrance to the exit is even more fun ... now DPR has got 3 checkpoints, the first one behind Mayorsk - regular inspection of transport and walkers, the second-entering the passport data into some database, the third one near Nikitovka, those, who with the goods for sale, register products and and pay the fee for import ... a madhouse on wheels (

- It is not new customs, it’s passport control now! Yesterday it took two and a half hours, we passed Ukrain post at 17:30 and those held us until 20:00 (Ukrainian time)

- The queue was to the last post of DPR! Just checking the documents, you give through the window (3 with 2 reviewers) and wait, because this computer is super technology for them, it's not going fast !!!

- I am standing at the DPR customs .. Guys, it’s fubar!!!!!!!!!!! Mayorsk moved to Gorlovka ... 3 lines of queue... we are standing and standing.....

- At the post DPR there is a long queue. Barely moving

- Yesterday the customs opened, entering the passport data into the database. We have been standing for nearly three hours and moving terribly slowly