EU laid down a condition for further financial assistance to Ukraine 12/08/2017 14:58:27. Total views 782. Views today — 0.

The condition for the EU to allocate new macro-financial assistance to Ukraine will be creation of the Anti-Corruption Court. This is stated in the article of Yevropeyska Pravda, entitled "Decline of reforms: why the coalition torpedoes the Association Agreement".

It is noted that after granting Ukraine a visa-free regime, the EU has not so many leverages on official Kyiv. One of such leverages is macro-financial assistance.

"The rules of macro-financial assistance say that we can negotiate it only with a country that has an active program of cooperation with the IMF, which means that until you restore the work with the IMF, there will be no movement", - interlocutor of Yevropeyska Pravda in the European Commission structures notes. In particular, this means that the Europeans will give money only after creation of the anti-corruption court, because this is one of the key requirements of the IMF, - is explained in the article.

Moreover, as noted, the condition for issuing one of the first tranches would also be automatic verification of declarations.

As several interlocutors in Brussels assured, the conditions for the issuance of funds will be spelled out in great detail. "The round timber may not be mentioned in the new agreement. At least, such idea is being discussed in Brussels", - the article says.

As previously reported, the European Commission confirmed that it would not pay 600 million euros to Ukraine under the program, approved in 2015. The reason was the failure to comply with the requirements, including lifting of the ban on export of round timber.