The militants "reassured": no mass arrests in the "LNR" 12/01/2017 17:18:14. Total views 990. Views today — 2.

The "MIA of the LNR" does not plan mass arrests in the framework of the anti-diversion operation conducted in the "republic". This was announced today by the "Minister" of the "Interior Affairs" Igor Kornet, on the air of a separatist television channel.

"There are no scheduled arrests of the law enforcement bloc, there will not be witch hunts", - he said.

Earlier, it was reported that Igor Plotnitsky’s comrades were presented as "Ukrainian saboteurs".

"Under the pretext of destroying the so-called members of the Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group in Luhansk, officers of the FSB of the Russian Federation together with representatives of the LNR MIA carry out identification and arrest of persons connected with the former leadership of the Republic", -social networks reported.

The report also noted that such arrests are also carried out among representatives of the "law enforcement authorities of the LNR".

As a result of the confrontation caused by the conflict between the "head of the LNR" Igor Plotnitsky and the "head of the Interior Ministry" Igor Kornet, Plotnitsky was forced to flee to the territory of Russia. The new “head of the LNR" is the chief of "the LNR Ministry for State Security" Leonid Pasechnik.

The confrontation of Plotnitsky and Kornet originates from 2015 based on influence on the oil market of the "republic". Later, in 2016, after the attempt on Plotnitsky, he announced the upcoming coup and accused Kornet of the inaction of the MIA.