3-4 grenades are being confiscated in Ukraine every day - MIA 11/30/2017 18:44:19. Total views 978. Views today — 0.

3-4 grenades are being confiscated in Ukraine every day, some of them explode. This was said on the air of 112 Ukraine by the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Varchenko.

"3-4 grenades are being confiscated every day, some of these grenades explode on the territory of Ukraine. There are much more cases than there were before the war, because there are more opportunities for individuals to obtain such weapons. At the same time, we confiscate and confiscate quite a lot of it on the peaceful territory of Ukraine. More than 3 thousand units of firearms were confiscated from citizens only from the beginning of this year. It is clear that there are a lot of grenades and explosives", - he said.

Earlier, the MIA stated an increase in the number of confiscated weapons from the population, illegally exported from anti-terrorist operation zone to peaceful cities.

As previously reported, explosion occurred in the local court of Nikopol in the Dnipropetrovsk oblast today, as a result of which there are dead and wounded.