Revenue and expenditure of the "people’s" "DPR’s" "budget" remain classified data for people 01/20/2016 19:10:41. Total views 1057. Views today — 0.

Revenue and expenditure of the "budget" of the so-called "DPR" are "classified data". It is reported by the DAN separatist website.

As reported, the self-proclaimed "republic" approved "budget" for the I quarter of 2016.

"It is socially oriented and the main amount of the costs is provided for salaries of public sector employees, social payments to the population and support of budget-funded institutions," - said the so-called "Minister of Finance" of the "DPR" Ekaterina Matyushchenko.

The "Minister" stressed that the adoption of the budget for six months in 2016 was not planned. "Martial law and as a result unstable economic situation in the country make it impossible to plan costs and revenues for a long term," - explained Matyushchenko.

"Revenues and expenditures are classified data" for the same reason.