Russian authorities are beginning to deport Ukrainian refugees, including former "militants" 11/28/2017 13:30:25. Total views 729. Views today — 0.

Russian migration authorities are reluctant to give temporary shelter to Ukrainians and are beginning to refuse to extend it. Such data was sounded by Svetlana Gannushkina, the chairman of the Russian Civic Assistance committee, Dozhd television company reported.

According to Gannushkina, at present, just over 500 Ukrainians have real refugee status in Russia. All the rest, and this is about 300 thousand people, are in limbo - they are granted temporary shelter for a year. It must be renewed every year.

"Problems began even with the Ukrainians. They do not get the extension of the temporary refugee status that is given for a year, and they are deported", - Gannushkina said.

"Moreover, the most amazing thing is that those who fought on the side of the "LNR/DNR", so to speak, these people are being expelled to Ukraine", - she stated.