Kornet openly stated that "the DNR law enforcement bodies" help him to eliminate "saboteurs" in Luhansk 11/23/2017 11:11:11. Total views 822. Views today — 0.

In Luhansk, "measures to eliminate the remains of a large sabotage and reconnaissance group that has come to our territory" continue. This was stated at a press conference by the so-called "Minister of Internal Affairs of the LNR" Igor Kornet, "the LNR MIA" reports.

Earlier, the leader of the "LNR" Igor Plotnitsky accused Kornet of trying to seize power and fired him, calling Kornet "a small man with big ambitions".

Kornet said that "at the moment, our friendly people, our friendly law enforcement agencies of the Donetsk People's Republic helps us".

He assured that "the agents of influence penetrated deeply into the authorities of the LNR and for a long time provided the head of the republic with distorted information about what was happening".

He promised that the "Ministry of Internal Affairs" would finish the special operation "before the end of the week".

Asked how he feels about Plotnitsky's accusations, Kornet said: "I'm sure it was an intentional stovepiping by some people".

He also assured that 100% of the "LNR MIA" personnel were under his control and rejected the likely armed confrontation in the "republic".