Plotnitsky outsmarted everyone: "the court" removed the head of the "LNR MIA" Kornet from office 11/20/2017 17:48:16. Total views 1056. Views today — 0.

The head of the "LNR MIA" Igor Kornet, was removed from the "office". The chairman of the “People's Council of the LNR” Vladimir Degtyarenko said this on the air of the separatist television channel.

"By decision of the court, Interior Minister Igor Kornet was removed from this post", - the statement said.

It is known that now Vladimir Chertkov will perform the duties of the leader of the "LNR MIA".

"We need to overcome the crisis in the work of the ministry, restore confidence", - Degtyarenko said, answering the question "what will be next?".

As reported, on October 21, a number of "deputies" criticized the actions of the "Ministry of Internal Affairs" and personally Igor Kornet at a meeting of the "People's Council of the LNR". He was accused of seizing someone else's house in Luhansk.

The confrontation of the leader of the "LNR" Igor Plotnitsky and Igor Kornet originates from 2015 on the basis of influence on the oil market of the "republic". Later, in 2016, after the assassination attempt on Plotnitsky, he announced the upcoming coup and accused Kornet of the inaction of the MIA.

In the middle of autumn of 2017, Igor Plotnitsky publicly evicted Kornet from the illegally occupied house in the center of Luhansk, saying that "it's time to observe the rule of law".