Mayor of the Donbass city turned out to be a Russian citizen. He filed an application after the Crimea occupation by the Russian Federation 11/20/2017 09:51:14. Total views 748. Views today — 0.

Mayor of Dobropillia (the Donetsk oblast) Andrey Aksenov has Russian citizenship, which he received after the Crimea occupation by the Russian Federation.

This was reported on Facebook by people's deputy Dmytro Lubinets, who confirmed his words with documents.

According to these documents, Aksenov applied for Russian citizenship.

The deputy specified that this happened during armed hostilities in the summer of 2014. At that time, Aksenov left for the annexed Crimea and asked the occupants to provide him with a Russian passport. He named Sevastopol as his place of residence in the application.