Four mine of Makeyevugol are being prepared for liquidation: "water tower" transferred "to the government funding" 01/19/2016 23:03:10. Total views 1295. Views today — 0.

Four mines of Makeevugol SE are being prepared for liquidation and transfer to the balance of the Donbassrestrukturizatsiya enterprise.

According to the separatist website DAN, mine named after Bazhanov, Lenin, as well as Chaikino and Butovskaya mines from Makeevugol are planned "to be transferred to government funding".

"Acting Minister of Energy and Coal of the DPR Ruslan Dubovskiy said that the documents had already been prepared for the transfer to Donbassrestrukturizatsiya. It will have a positive impact on the workforce and economic balance of the state enterprise", - said the statement.

All four mines operate only in the upwatering regime. The coal mining is not conducted in the enterprise. Two of them were damaged in the fighting in 2014, the rest do not work for other reasons.

The Makeyevugol website previously reported about one of mines – the mine named after Lenin - that in late 2014 a series of meetings were held to collect materials to prepare the project of mine liquidation and transfer it in the Donbassuglerestrukturizatsiya.

The "DPR" claims that the miners of these four mines will "receive salary in full and on time."

They stressed that the change of the asset holder of the mines would allow the Makeyevugol to save about 34 million rubbles monthly.